18 Best Things to Do in Lincolnville Maine This Year

A charming town nestled along Penobscot Bay, Lincolnville Maine was first settled in 1770 by Nathan Knight. It’s recognized for its namesake — Revolutionary War General Benjamin Lincoln, a companion of Henry Knox.

Despite its modest size, you’ll find a variety of things to do in Lincolnville Maine — recreational activities, dining options, boutiques, and attractions — providing ample entertainment as visitors soak up the town’s coastal charm.

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Best Lincolnville Maine Beaches & Parks

Lincolnville is abundant in natural beauty — boasting a stunning sandy shoreline, serene ponds and lakes, and a network of sprawling hiking trails. These picturesque landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for a diverse array of outdoor activities, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the area’s serene beauty.

Lincolnville Beach

Situated on Route 1 (Atlantic Highway), Lincolnville Beach serves as the town’s main beach, offering picturesque views of Islesboro and proximity to historical War of 1812 cannons, a variety of restaurants, quaint shops, and the Islesboro Ferry service.

Visitors can enjoy a swim, lounge on the sand, watch the birds, and observe boats in the harbor. Fishing and boating are also popular activities here. Additionally, it’s a dog-friendly beach, welcoming your canine companions to join in the fun.

Murray Preserve

The Murray Preserve, a 7-acre tract by the ocean featuring a cobblestone beach, is maintained by the Coastal Mountains Land Trust. Once a thriving blueberry and hayfield, it now offers an idyllic setting for picnics with aster flowers brightening the landscape in late summer.

Located at the terminus of Howe Point Rd, just off Route 1, the preserve is easily accessible. It’s situated just before the Ducktrap River bridge on the town’s northern side.

Camden Hills State Park

While a key gateway to Camden Hills State Park is located in Camden, the majority of the park – about 75% – resides within Lincolnville. Open year-round, the park caters to a variety of seasonal activities, including camping, picnicking, biking, hiking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.

FUN FACT: Camden Hills has 20 trails.

Fernald’s Neck Preserve

Spanning 285 acres, a visit to Fernald’s Neck Preserve stands out as a delightful activity in Lincolnville Maine. Overseen by the Coastal Mountains Land Trust, the preserve is predominantly cloaked with a mix of hardwoods, hemlocks, and pines.

Boasting over 3 miles of trails that weave through the peninsula in Lake Megunticook, the preserve offers various levels of hiking. The White Trail is the shortest and most accessible at 0.4 miles, while both the Blue Trail and Orange Trail extend approximately 1.8 miles. For those looking to enjoy a swim, the White and Orange trails provide points of access to the lake.

Breezemere Park

For a quaint freshwater beach experience, make your way to Breezemere Park. Located on Norton Pond, it features a deep-water swim float for visitors to enjoy. Additionally, it offers a picnic area and a public boat launch for a full day of lakeside leisure.

Ducktrap River Preserve

The Ducktrap River Preserve, under the stewardship of the Coastal Mountains Land Trust, protects 1,140 acres surrounding the Ducktrap River, a critical sanctuary for endangered Atlantic salmon.

Hikers can tackle the moderately challenging 5.6-mile, round-trip trail — the initial 1.4 miles are shared with a snowmobile route. Further along, hikers will encounter a 32-foot wooden bridge that spans the Ducktrap River. In the winter months, the snow may reveal the tracks of local wildlife, such as bobcats, coyotes, deer, and moose.

Ducktrap Wildlife Preserve

Distinct from the Ducktrap River Preserve, the Ducktrap Wildlife Preserve is situated adjacent to the Ducktrap River and encompasses the areas around Knight Pond, Pitcher Pond, and Kendall Brook. This preserve safeguards over 700 acres of ecologically significant terrain.

Best Things to Do in Lincolnville Maine on the Water

The adventurous spirit in Lincolnville Maine extends beyond the shore with a variety of aquatic activities. Visitors can embark on excursions to neighboring islands and enjoy the coastal scenery through kayaking, sailing, and taking guided shuttles on the waters of Penobscot Bay.

Quicksilver Water Taxi and Charter Boat

A favorite among both locals and tourists, Quicksilver Water Taxi and Charter Boat offers ferry and charter services across the bay. As an auxiliary to the main ferry service, it provides transportation between the mainland and Islesboro. Charter experiences are available for activities such as bird watching, fishing, picnicking, and sightseeing.

In the summer months, Quicksilver serves as a primary mode of transport to Warren Island State Park for campers. The vessel is equipped to transport not only camping essentials but also small boats and kayaks for those looking to enhance their outdoor adventures.

Islesboro Ferry

Departing from the Lincolnville Ferry Terminal, the Islesboro Ferry offers another transportation option to Islesboro. Round-trip fares are affordable, with children under age 5 traveling for free. The ferry accommodates bikes, motorcycles, standard vehicles, and oversized vehicles, though transporting these items incurs additional fees.

Ducktrap Kayak & SUP

For those looking to navigate the waters of Penobscot Bay at their own pace, Ducktrap Kayak & SUP offers a selection of rentals, including single and tandem kayaks and stand-up paddleboards suitable for adults and children alike. With a variety of options, visitors can choose the perfect watercraft for their adventure on the bay.

Best Lincolnville Maine Restaurants & Wineries

After indulging in the array of outdoor things to do in Lincolnville Maine, you’ll likely be hungry for a delicious meal. Fortunately, Lincolnville boasts a selection of eateries ready to cater to your cravings, whether you’re in the mood for a light snack or a hearty lunch or dinner.

Dot’s Market

Conveniently located just off Route 1, Dot’s Market is a delightful spot to grab freshly prepared soups, gourmet deli sandwiches, and an assortment of baked goods.

While the menu is dynamic, it consistently offers a tasty assortment of proteins, vegetables, and delectable desserts — cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, and artisan candies. For beverage options, coffee and tea are available.

Moreover, Dot’s Market features an impressive selection of over 200 wine varieties. These fine wines can be complemented with a diverse range of cheeses and gourmet items — such as imported olives, fresh baguettes, various spreads, and nuts — perfect for enhancing a picnic.

McLaughlin’s Lobster Shack

A long-standing establishment in Lincolnville Maine, McLaughlin’s Lobster Shack dates back to 1956. This family-operated eatery is situated right on Lincolnville Beach and prides itself on serving high-quality, locally sourced seafood. Additionally, Gifford’s Ice Cream is among the dessert options.

This seafood shack has a convenient counter, pickup-style service with an outdoor window, allowing beachgoers to easily grab a meal or snack without straying far from the sand. Furthermore, its Wheel House Beach Bar adds to the charm, providing a full-service bar experience from a converted sardine carrier boat wheelhouse, complete with beer, cocktails, and wine.

Whale’s Tooth Pub

Boasting 400 feet of oceanfront, Whale’s Tooth Pub has an ambiance reminiscent of a classic English pub, and its menu puts a creative spin on traditional British-style dishes. Offering a variety of options from steak and prime rib to lobster and scallops, the restaurant caters to a range of tastes and preferences.

Cellardoor Winery

Nestled in a picturesque landscape, Cellardoor Winery offers a romantic ambiance for wine tasting and unwinding after a day full of enjoying things to do in Lincolnville Maine. The winery features a 5.5-acre vineyard and a modern winemaking facility.

In its charming tasting barn, visitors can sample a selection of wines. The award-winning wines are available by the glass or bottle, and guests can enjoy a variety of premade cheese plates or create their own pairings to complement their wine choices, enhancing the tasting experience.

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Sewall Orchard

Recognized as Maine’s oldest certified organic orchard, Sewall Orchard is an excellent destination for a wholesome snack and a unique experience during the autumn months.

Generally welcoming visitors during the apple season from late September to November, the orchard offers a chance to savor fresh apples and 100% organic cider. Also, guests can observe the cider press at work, providing an insightful look into the traditional process of cider making.

Shopping Camden Maine - The Smiling Cow
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Best Boutiques & Shops in Lincolnville Maine

Shopping enthusiasts will find Lincolnville Maine a delightful haven for retail therapy. This scenic town is celebrated for its distinctive finds and antique treasures, offering a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that reflects the area’s charm and history. Whether you’re on the hunt for a special keepsake or a piece of the past, Lincolnville’s shops are sure to captivate with their eclectic and unique selections.

Green Tree Coffee & Tea

Coffee and tea aficionados will appreciate Green Tree Coffee & Tea, which has been dedicated to roasting and packaging gourmet coffees and teas since 2002. The business is committed to cultural and environmental responsibility, taking pride in supporting charitable organizations that align with its values of social, cultural, and environmental stewardship.

Maine Artisans Collective

The Maine Artisans Collective — a cooperative gift shop and gallery — showcases an exquisite selection of fine arts and crafts, all masterfully created by talented Maine artisans. This destination for handcrafted treasures operates seasonally, welcoming visitors from May through October to explore and purchase some of the finest locally-made items in the state.

The Red Barn Marketplace

A two-story destination, The Red Barn Marketplace is a treasure trove for antique enthusiasts. With origins dating back to 1880, this historical structure was initially a traditional horse barn. It has since been transformed into a vibrant antique shop, which opened its doors in spring 2016.

Housing around 30 vendors, the marketplace offers a diverse range of items, including antiques, collectibles, furniture, gifts, home goods, and jewelry.

Moreover, the marketplace features a bakery that delights customers with a variety of freshly baked breads, cakes, cookies, pastries, and pies each morning. For those with dietary preferences or restrictions, gluten-free options are available, along with local coffee to enjoy.

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