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The Country Inn at Camden/Rockport offers online access to check rates, availability or for booking reservations! You may click the button above, or simply give us a call, we would be happy to speak with you directly.

Helpful Online Points:
Our online system software is a fully secure system, once you are at the page location for entering your credit card. You can look at rooms and rates without entering any personal or credit information. Once you pick a potential date of stay, the rooms and rates will appear in a list. Pick a room and click the name, and a room description and the room photo will show. If you require accommodations for your pet to stay with you, please be sure pet is listed in the room type and a pets can stay logo appears within the room description. There are a limited number of designated pet rooms and cottages. We cannot accept pets in non pet rooms, therefore, when in doubt, please give us a call.

There is a maximum number of guests to a room, so additional guests will require
more than one room.

There may be a two-day minimum for summer event dates and our reservation system will indicate any minimums during a booking. if you are uncertain of availability, we strongly encourage you to try giving us call by telephone (or send an email) if you require more personal service.

If you do not want to use the online reservation system, you can request more information using the email link below or telephone us at 888.707.3945 to request Information or order Gift Certificates.

Information Request Email: