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Country Inn at Camden/RockportPTraveling with young children can prove be a challenge — and planning to share a hotel room with tots requires a little more forethought. However, by thinking ahead and packing right, you might even enjoy your stay away with your family and start a new tradition of mini getaways! Is there a trip in your family’s future? Here are a few survival tips for staying in a hotel with tots:

1.) Always deadbolt and latch the door whenever you walk in the room. While working at the Country Inn at Camden/Rockport’s front desk one evening, a toddler must have woken before her parents, opened the door and started to wander a bit down the hallway. Keeping her within my view, I telephoned the room to alert the parents of their daughter’s newfound independence and they quickly retrieved her to rejoin them. If the door doesn’t have the top latch or you worry that your toddler may be able to unlock the deadbolt, you can purchase a doorstop alarm which will alert you when the door stop is moved or the door is opened. It appears the going price is somewhere around $8-$20 in 2015.

2.) Travel with plastic cups. Many hotels are now more ECO-friendly and only supply glass drinking glasses to reduce waste. A few plastic cups will not only be easier for toddlers to drink from but they are also great for making bath time easier too.

3.) Search the room before settling in for anything that may be hazardous to your children. Make sure blind cords can’t be reached by tying them up with a little painter’s tape, which you can also use to cover outlets and tape washcloths to sharp table edges. Open all of the drawers and take note of their contents. Put up hotel sewing kits. Search the floor and under the bed for any miscellaneous hazards. As careful as our housekeeping team is, safety pins, pills and hair clips are small and may easily seem to disappear into the carpet when dropped. Check the water temperature in the bathroom and keep coffee makers, hair dryers or curling irons up high or unplugged and off. Keep the bathroom door shut, but make sure toddlers aren’t inside alone or they could lock themselves in. This happened to a couple staying at the inn with their young son on day. The parents were upset and the child was upset. The hotel’s front desk usually has a special pin key to pop the lock to bathrooms, so contacting the desk pronto, should remedy the situation very easily. Bring a toilet lock and be aware of slow draining tubs.

4.) Pack a little non-toxic, washable finger paints for bath time. However, teaching the children to wash off the paint with baby wipes afterwards is the only way to go with this one. Teaching children to be responsible for the mess, can also be fun for them AND be a relief to the housekeeper tending to your room.

5. Bring a small nurf-type ball. A small ball takes up very little space in a suitcase and toddlers love them. Clear a small area to play without any hazards and your toddler will be all smiles. We are fortunate to have a small playroom located at the inn here that is open from breakfast until quiet time in the evening, every day.  Click to for things to do with children while staying at Country Inn at Camden/Rockport. Check with your hotel before booking a guest room to inquire about amenities for children that you may be unaware of. This very well may save your sanity during those dreaded rainy days.

6.) If it fits within you budget and the service available to you, consider a massage or spa treatment for yourself at your hotel. Many hotels and inns run specials and packages to encourage family travel. We recently renovated our on-site massage room located in the Country Inn at Camden/Rockport. It has been proven that massages have a significant, positive effect on the health, well-being, and emotional functioning of an individual. Some of the important benefits include stress reduction, relaxation, pain reduction and much more. Massages can also provide a sense of balance to the body and mind.

7. Hot tub and pool safety. A good rule of thumb is never to leave a child under 14 years-old unattended at the pool or hot tub. Many people do not realize that hot tubs are kept at 104 degrees or so and it is a small body of water. It would not take long for a young child to become overheated. The Association of Pool and Spa Professional’s suggest that Infants and toddlers should not be permitted in a hot tub at all. A babies’ thin skin makes them more susceptible to overheating. Also, since little ones have very little control over bodily functions, spas become unsanitary almost instantly when “accidents” happen.

Country Inn at Camden/Rockport Spa8. Pack a few books, a deck of cards and electronics for everyone. When your child naps or falls asleep early after a day out, you may need something to do, especially if your child has trouble sleeping with the television on. Use this “down time” to catch up on reading or whatever you like to do. These items will also be handy on rainy days. Our 2 Queen Country Suite with a separate seating area is a family favorite at Country inn at Camden/Rockport.

9. Don’t forget a nightlight. Many hotel rooms are designed to allow for dark, restful sleep. We have nightlights in all our guest bathrooms at Country Inn at Camden/Rockport, However, many hotels do not, so calling ahead to ask hotel staff about a few features included at the hotel, may save time and trouble packing items. You can ease any nighttime fears by packing your little one’s favorite nightlight.

Rockport, Maine - Elizabeth M. Cole, a 16-year hotel industry veteran, presides as Assistant Manager of 37 room Cedar Crest Inn of Camden, Maine. Cole is Marketing and Sales Assistant for Liberty Hospitality of Maine. Cole started her position with the company in 1999.

Elizabeth M. Cole, a 16-year hotel industry veteran, presides as Assistant Manager of 37 room Cedar Crest Inn of Camden, Maine. Cole is also a Marketing and Sales Assistant for Liberty Hospitality of Maine. Cole started her position with the company in 1999.